The Story Behind Pasqal

We all know the feeling when you want to have something special. But you don't know how, or where you should look for it?..


A man was looking for a new watch, a special watch. Something that doesn't empty his bank account but still stand out from the crowd. He could not find any watch that fit him and still was affordable. He was tired of looking for the right watch, why couldn't he find it?

The market was full of watches and good looking accessories. Sometimes the price tag was too high, and sometimes the watches had almost the right look but were built with cheap materials. The perfection and passion was missing..

The search for the right watch had come to an end. For now..



Early spring in Sweden. A man had during the cold winter had many thoughts about the watch he was missing in the collection.

What should he do?

Continue the search?

Give up?

No, this man has a completely different way to get the watch he want. He was going start a watch company that is going to produce watches with perfection, passion and love.

The journey begins, and the brand Pasqal was born.